Governing Rules

Azolla Certified Governing Rules

1. Introduction
Azolla Certified was founded to support businesses and brands achieve sustainable and ethical practices. Ethical accountability refers to the fair treatment of workers, working conditions and the upholding of human rights. Sustainability refers to a business delivering products or services whilst also improving the social and environmental impact, and can encompass a broad range of practices.

2. Two certifications are offered
a. Azolla Ethical Certified – Businesses that have products Azolla Ethical Certified adhere to global standards for ethical practices and safeguard against modern slavery.
b. Azolla Environmental Certified – Businesses that have products Azolla Environmental Certified meet global standards for environmental performance in manufacturing. They form part of a global movement towards a more sustainable world.

3. Requirements to become certified
a. Tier 1 factory is audited by an Azolla Certified approved and APSCA/ISO accredited auditor. Azolla Ethical Certified audit is based on the framework of SA8000. Azolla Environmental Certified audit is based on the framework of ISO14001.
b. Instruct factory to respond to audit openly and honestly. Avoid preparation for audit to give accurate snapshot of current actual conditions
c. Certification is product specific. Product lists must be provided on order.
d. Certification does not extend past nominated products. New products manufactured by a factory with a valid Azolla Certified audit may be submitted for review to be added as an inclusion.
e. Pay Azolla Certified fee
f. Audits are reviewed by authorised Azolla Certified agent/Network Global Solutions Pty Ltd. The following are provided to the client:
i. Full audit reports
ii. Guidance from agent/NGS with CTO’s (Calls to Action) for improvements. Any relevant Critical Non Compliance or Modern Slavery Act infringement must be addressed and a plan undertaken to rectify. All actions must comply with the Modern Slavery Act.
iii. Declaration to be signed by company directors that they will take reasonable actions to implement improvements under reasonable circumstances and immediately notify their Azolla Certified agent of any indiscretions, notable changes to their business or their changes at their factory that may vary from the conditions of the time of audit, or effect the Azolla Certified status of their products.
g. Only classify the nominated items that are manufactured at the audited factories as Azolla Certified.
h. Must not misrepresent the Azolla Certified Brand
i. Make continuous reasonable endeavours to improve business and manufacturing practices at the factory
j. Agree to terms and conditions
k. Renew in 12 months and allow re-audit of factories, or cease using Azolla Certified assets and claiming products as Azolla Certified. If client does not renew, client must cease using all digital assets and cease including Azolla Certified assets on products, packaging, tags, literature, etc.

4. Disclaimer
a. Azolla Certified is designed to minimise risks within the manufacturing process. It is not a guarantee that your suppliers manufacturing process are void of risks
b. Network Global Solutions Pty Ltd and Azolla Certified are void of any liability
c. By paying for the certification, the client agrees to these terms and conditions
d. Should a client's audit fail and they not commit to reach the minimum standard or refuse to commit to the above, execute the license agreement or sign the Directors Declaration, they may be refunded the licensing and Trade Mark use fee of $200 plus GST, which is inclusive of the total fee paid.
e. Should a client require a re-audit of a factory, the relevant fee for the re-audit will be payable.



Azolla Certified Governing Rules as at 14th August 2023